Henry County Museum

Open April through December, the Henry County Museum includes the Anheuser-Busch Distribution
Center, art exhibits, indoor village, genealogy library, Dorman House (c. 1852), homestead with a
dogtrot cabin (c. 1856), and one-room school. Recently the museum opened an adjacent building that
houses displays from historic local businesses. The complex is operated by the Henry County Historical
Society. The museum is solely funded by admission fees, donations, and memberships.
The Anheuser-Busch building was built in 1886. Visitors can see office space, as well as areas where
beer, ice, horses, and supplies were kept. Within the museum is a circa 1900 village that includes a bank,
doctor’s office, drug store, general store, and more. Through the one-room schoolhouse, the museum
offers a day-long program that allows children to experience school life in the 1890s.