Missouri Certified Site

Missouri established a Site Certification Program in 2008. A Missouri Certified Site (MCS) meets many rigid standards to insure a site is appropriate for business development use. A few of the parameters for site certification are as follows:

  • Zoning in place for Industrial or Warehousing/Distribution Use
  • Minimal grade variations on site
  • Site is clear of most vegetation or rock/other natural barriers to development
  • Utilities are sized for industrial use and or on site or immediately adjacent
  • Minimum site size of 25 acres
  • Environmental/soils/archeological analysis has been completed
  • Site is not in a flood zone

Clinton, MO has one certified site as designated by the Missouri Department of Economic Development.

Gerhart Industrial Park

Gerhart Industrial Park in Clinton, MO was designated by the Missouri Department of Economic Development as a Missouri Certified Site in 2014. Gerhart Industrial Park is located in the NW part of Clinton, MO. The certified site totaled 126 acres and 119 acres was certified. Currently, Gerhart Industrial Park has approximately 61.1 acres available for sale. The largest being 22.4 acres.