Receipt to Recieve

It’s just about Nov. and it’s time for the Holidays!  You may think the Holidays don’t actually begin until after Thanksgiving. 

However for the Greater Clinton-Area Chamber of Commerce, we are ready to give you a chance to win…several chances to win, actually.

It’s the Clinton Chamber’s Third-Annual ‘Receipt to Receive’.

Beginning Oct. 31st, folks can bring in or email a receipt from a Clinton Chamber-member business and they will then be entered to win.  Thus, Receipt to Receive.

At the Chamber, we will copy, scan or print that receipt and get your name and phone number.  Keep in mind that the item or items on your receipt has to be at least $25 in total and those items need to be purchased from members of the Clinton Chamber to be entered, but you can enter multiple times each week with different receipts.  Each week, those receipts will be entered into a drawing to win $25 in Chamber gift certificates.  We will give our prize away each Monday starting Nov. 7th.  To be entered to win each Monday, you must bring at least one receipt to the Chamber that previous week.  All qualifying receipts will be eligible for our grand prize giveaway.

On Dec. 23rd at noon, we will take ALL those receipts entered and draw the big winner of $200 in Chamber certificates.

To get this promotion started, you can start bringing in those receipts or emailing them on  Oct. 31st.  We are open Monday through Friday from 8am until 4:30pm at 200 South Main St.

The Clinton Chamber of Commerce is giving away $375 in Chamber gift certificates with our seven weekly winners and that grand prize winner of $200 in Chamber gift certificates. 

You can find a list of Clinton Chamber members when you go to, call the Clinton Chamber at 660-885-8166 or look for the Clinton Chamber decal near the front of each business.  You can email or