The weather wasn’t perfect, but it turned out better than previously forecasted last weekend for the Quilt Walk, Breakfast with the Easter Bunny, Maker’s Market and Sidewalk Sales.  I saw a lot of people walking around the Downtown Square.  Congratulations to Tina, Mary and Cheryl and others for having all these activities that brought plenty of folks to Downtown Clinton.

On Tuesday of this week, Mark, Joyce and I had another Zoom meeting with about half a dozen Mizzou students.  They have been working with us since the beginning of the year on a project to help Clinton move forward.  Our final meeting is coming up late this month and I will tell you some of the ideas they have for us at that time. 

Happy 5th Anniversary to Banks Motors in Clinton. Our Ambassador’s Committee had a huge crowd turn out Wed. to congratulate them and wish them best of luck in the future. Speaking of the future, Dana told us that Banks Motors is getting ready to expand. Exciting times!!

Thursday was especially busy:  1.  Burkes Outlet was holding their Grand Opening. A beautiful store, friendly employees, low prices and so many more reasons to stop in! There were also chances to win prizes on Thursday. We did a ribbon-cutting, pictures, delivered cookies, got to know their great management team and more.  Burkes Outlet is located next to Tractor Supply Co.  2.  MO Governor Mike Parson was in Clinton Thursday and the Chamber of Commerce caught up with him at TC, Transcontinental Packaging. We thank the Governor and his wife for coming to Clinton and a huge thanks to Rod Balke and his crew for welcoming us into their beautiful facility. Another amazing employer here in Clinton. Find out how to work there by going to tctranscontinental.com or call Ron at 660-890-8814.  3.  The Finance Committee for Olde Glory Days met late Thursday aft.  About ten folks met to discuss how much money was going to be needed for this year’s celebration, who was going to contact our businesses for donations, what activities might these businesses want to sponsor, when we will start asking for donations and more.  ANYONE can donate to the Olde Glory Days celebration…the more money the Committee has, the better the event will be this, and for years to come.  4.  I attended the dangerous building hearing at City Hall Thursday evening.  I heard some very interesting information about the collapsed buildings on the Square and hopefully something will be happening there for the better real soon.

 If you know Jerry and Barb, you know it can be hard to catch up with them…they don’t stand still. Their office does however! So, I took some pictures of their office Friday morning because tomorrow (April 9th) is their 45th anniversary of doing business in Clinton and the surrounding area. The work they do with lawns, trees, flowers and much more can be seen all over town, especially on the Downtown Square. If you see them and they stop long enough, thank them for all their hard work.

After being “in the works” for two years, the Tri-Lakes Fly Fishing Expo is finally happening THIS SATURDAY, 4/9, at the Benson Convention Center in Clinton, MO. The expo begins at 9:00 AM.


•fly tiers from across the nation

•fishing and outdoor sporting vendors

•casting instruction

L I V E  S E M I N A R S

•”Fly Fishing for Stripers and Hybrids”

•”Fly Fishing for White Bass”

•”Trout are Stupid and Other Uncomfortable Truths”


•guided fishing trips

•fishing gear and equipment

•fly fishing getaways

For more info, contact trilakesflyfishers@gmail.com or 417-646-5568.

Family, Friends, Freedom.  Olde Glory Days 2022.  The theme and the logo for this year’s celebration have been announced.  Take a look at the 2022 logo when you go to the Olde Glory Days Facebook page.

660-885-8166. That’s the telephone number to the Greater Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce. 660-885-2281.  That’s the number to the Clinton Daily Democrat…those are the folks that put on the city-wide garage sales in the spring and fall. However, feel free to call us with any question you might have. And believe me, we get a lot of calls I never would have suspected a Chamber of Commerce would receive!  

We preach it a lot, but I’ll say it again; Shop and Buy Local First.  Many if not all of our businesses in Clinton are needing you to buy from them, especially those on the Downtown Square.  Don’t let human error in one building keep you from going into our wonderful businesses on the Square.

Here’s a note to our Chamber Members and anyone and everyone looking for employment;  The Chamber of Commerce continues to receive calls…people come in…and email us about jobs that might be available in and around Clinton.

When we see our Chamber Members post information about job openings, we do share that to our Facebook page. However, we’re pretty sure we don’t catch all of those job opening posts.

Please remember that YOUR Chamber is here for YOU. If you (a Clinton Chamber of Commerce Member) have any job openings that you are posting or if you want us to post it for you on our page, just let us know. Let us help you find employees!

Send your job openings to: david@clintonmo.com or joyce@clintonmo.com.  If you are not a Chamber member, we can still post your openings on our Facebook page for $25.00.  If you have any questions at all, email us or call 660-885-8166.

You can be ‘Featured’, BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA.  READ MORE HERE: You want your business to be featured but you don’t want to be recorded.  We can do that with pictures and a story. The day after Labor Day last year, the Clinton Chamber began our ‘Featured with David Lee’ program.  If you are a Chamber member, you could be ‘Featured’.  We recorded more than 50 videos in the fourth quarter of 2021 and filled the Chamber’s Facebook page with those videos of our Chamber members.  The videos featured business owners, managers and others getting the message out to the public. The Facebook posts featured the interview and photos of area businesses.  Once a week for a month, the ‘Feature’ was brought back to the top of our Facebook page.  After a month, of course it will still be on our Facebook page. HOWEVER, we realize not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera being interviewed.  So, David can come to your business, take some pictures and you can tell him what you would like the Chamber to say about your business and we’ll include that info along with the photos. We will post these photos along with your information on the Chamber’s Facebook page and update it on our page once a week for a month. So contact us at 660-885-8166 or email david@clintonmo.com.  We are also still recording the videos as well if you would like to do that. It’s just another service of your Clinton Chamber of Commerce.

We have several committees here at the Clinton Chamber and volunteers are always welcomed.  Our committees include Academic Excellence, Agriculture, Ambassadors, Military Affairs, Olde Glory Days and Tourism.  If you would like to get involved in helping to move Clinton forward, just call, email, stop by or if you see me out and about…let’s visit!  

Is it time to become a member of the Greater Clinton-Area Chamber of Commerce for 2022?  Well, of course it is!  Businesses, couples, individuals, ANYONE can be a member of the Chamber.  Call us at the Depot or email and we will tell you what you get and more just for belonging to the Clinton Chamber of Commerce. 

The State of MO and the Clinton Chamber of Commerce are working to get jobs filled. If you are looking for a job or if you are looking for employees, we are here to help:

IF YOU ARE AN EMPLOYER OR A JOB SEEKER we want to remind you of Missouri Job Center resources supported by your tax dollars. There are two great locations at 515 S. Kentucky Ave, Sedalia P.660-530-5627 and 621 E. Highland Ave, Nevada P.417-448-1177. We offer an amazing website https://jobs.mo.gov/ that can be conveniently utilized from your personal computer. A chat feature has recently been added to assist with questions. You may also call during business hours and receive one on one services over the phone. Job Centers are eager to assist employers and job seekers in your community.

Don’t forget, if you’re a business owner and belong to the Chamber, be sure to update those Facebook pages so we can share your information on the Chamber’s Facebook page. Be sure to like us on Facebook: Greater Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce or check out www.clintonmo.com.

We are writing a lot of checks to Chamber member businesses as they either bring in or mail to us gift certificates they have received. Joyce and I are also going to businesses to complete this process as well. People buy these to give to friends, family, co-workers, employee of the month, as a thank you and so many other reasons. Call 660-885-8166 and order your gift certificates. They will be ready when you get here.

We get about three or four inquires each week from the public about places to rent in Clinton. We do have a list of landlords we give to them or email. If you have houses or apartments to rent, make sure the Chamber knows about it so you will be on the list.