Glasscock Jewelry Corner

The businesses that have occupied 100 South Main have made good use of the vault inside. Built as a
bank in the 1880s, this prime location first served customers of Salmon & Salmon Bank, then People’s
National Bank and finally Union State Bank, which moved a block east in the 1970s. Leonberger’s
Jewelry followed until the current owner purchased the building in 1983.
Salmon & Salmon closed its doors amidst a scandal involving questionable investments made to
relatives. At the time, the state bank examiner said depositors would get 50 cents on the dollar although
a local newspaper article stated, “but no one else seems to think that it will be so much.” When People’s
National Bank opened in January 1907, advertising proudly declared the bank was owned by Henry
Countians and had paid up capital of $50,000. Union State Bank began operations in the 1930s.