“Never Forget” 9/11 Memorial

Clinton lies more than 1,000 miles west of New York City, but the shock of September 11, 2001, echoed
throughout the country and world. In the years that followed, Clinton residents learned of an
opportunity to obtain an artifact from “Ground Zero.” Though the chances were remote, an application
was submitted. The application was initially denied, but the core group working on the project didn’t
give up. A friend was found in Lee Ielpi, a retired firefighter in New York City whose son, Jonathan, was
killed while attempting to save others in the Twin Towers.
Shortly afterward, the community received a delivery: the piece of steel that stands in front of the
engraved stone. Once the artifact arrived, the community again pulled together to create a memorial,
which was dedicated on September 11, 2011. Each year on 9/11, the community gathers at this
picturesque spot for a brief ceremony.