The Global War on Terror, Wall of Remembrance

The All American Kayak Classic and Romans Warrior Foundation are locking shields!!
The All American Kayak Classic and Romans Warrior Foundation are locking shields!! Together and because of the hard work by the Greater Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce, a unique opportunity is about to take place in Clinton, MO at the Benson Convention Center, May 3rd and 4th!
Each year the All American Kayak Classic hosts its annual event that see’s some 200 plus kayak anglers from around the nation, descend upon Truman Lake. The prize, a $10,000.00 dollar first place check. In addition, the AAKC also crowns a top club from around the Midwest with a $5,000.00 dollar prize on the line. Not to mention, bragging rights for a full year. This year, there’s an even bigger prize that will be on display for the Greater Clinton area citizens to visit and experience. The Global War on Terror, Wall of Remembrance.
The Romans Warrior Foundation will be bringing this mobile memorial and putting it on display for all to experience while the AAKC is taking place. Both Friday and Saturday the Wall
will be on full display at the Benson Convention Center. The Wall is roughly 120’ feet long and has two viewable sides. One side is the Education element where visitors can see when the Global War on Terror actually began and a timeline is in place for them to learn what has happened over the past 40 years. The other side is the Honor side. Our brothers and sisters names that have fallen to the GWOT are etched into the frames and their memory and legacy will carry forward with each stop and event, the Wall experiences. For some, this will be an experience they will never forget. For others, perhaps learning about the GWOT from a perspective of no politics and no bias. Just real information. And for others, this wall will give them a chance to see names and read those names aloud to honor their fallen friends and family.
“The ability to bring healing and comradery to our nation’s warfighters is a task we are very excited about!” said Gene Campbell, Program Manager for the Romans Warrior Foundation. “The Wall is a critical memorial for our generation and it allows communities to experience a healing that can’t be found elsewhere.”
The GWOT Wall is the only mobile memorial in the United States that is dedicated to this era. It’s because of like-minded organizations that this opportunity will be on display. The
All American Kayak Classic, the Romans Warrior Foundation, and most of all, the Greater Area Chamber of Commerce have all made this possible. Locking Shields for the purpose of bringing
healing to the Greater Clinton area is the drive and its about to take place on May 3rd and 4th!!
Don’t miss this amazing opportunity as this is free and open to the public from Friday morning all the way through Sunday Morning.
For more information on the Romans Warrior Foundation
FB: @RWFretreat
FB: @GWOTwall

The event is finished.


May 03 - 04 2024
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